San Diego Bay Bike Route

San Diego, California

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The San Diego Bay Bike Route is a delightful 24-mile, 2.5-hour ride with no significant hills. Most of it runs along bike lanes or separated bike paths. The scenery is rich and varied.

A ten-mile stretch along south and west sides of San Diego Bay follows the former Coronado Branch of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad. The rails are still visible in some places.

The official name of this route is the Bayshore Bikeway. This name appears on newer signs in some places along the route. The name "Bay Route Bikeway" appears on some older signs, although this name has been disparaged because it is homophonic with "Beirut bikeway".

SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) has prepared a Bayshore Bikeway Page. It contains a history of the bikeway and two maps, and will soon contain an updated fact sheet.


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