San Diego Sea to Sea Trail Maps

Currently available maps, in order from west to east:



Carmel ValleyPacific Ocean to Carmel Country Road


Shaw RidgeCarmel Country Road to Peñasquitos Canyon (see note below)


PeñasquitosPeñasquitos Canyon to I-15


Sabre SpringsI-15 to Pomerado Road


PowayPomerado Road to Sycamore Canyon Road


Sycamore CanyonSycamore Canyon Road to State Highway 67 (incomplete)


San VicenteState Highway 67 to Wildcat Canyon Road (incomplete)


El CapitanWildcat Canyon Road to El Cajon Mountain (incomplete)
    Unexplored portion


Eagle PeakEagle Peak and Cedar Creek


Boulder CreekBoulder Creek Road and Engineers Road


Cuyamaca Rancho State ParkCuyamaca Rancho State Park


Oriflamme CanyonOriflamme Canyon
    Unexplored portion


Grapevine CanyonHighway 78 to Jasper Trail


Culp ValleyJasper Trail to Culp Valley


Hellhole CanyonCulp Valley to Borrego Springs
    Unexplored portion

A housing development called The Preserve at Del Mar has been built squarely across the trail on Shaw Ridge east of Rancho Toyon Place. However, trails are being built around the edge of the development.

These maps are preliminary and will be changed or updated from time to time as more information becomes available. They are not copyrighted. You may reproduce and distribute them for any lawful purpose.

Some of the maps have substantial unexplored areas. However, they should be useful for hikes or rides in the explored portions. Notice that the segment between San Vicente Reservoir and Oakoasis Preserve is not only unexplored -- it hasn't even been laid out.

The trail along Boulder Creek Road and Engineers Road will eventually be replaced by a more direct route to Milk Ranch Road. Until then the route along the roads is the best available.

The trail through Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is shown as it is now. However, major changes are contemplated. In particular, the part between Stonewall Mine and Sunrise Highway will be moved south to a better route.

The trail from Wildcat Canyon Road to El Cajon Mountain (also known as El Capitan) is shown in blue as far as it has been explored by me. The trail apparently follows an old fire road shown on the topographic map.

The trail in the lower (eastern) part of Oriflamme Canyon is shown as following Mason Valley Truck Trail all the way to County Highway S2. This is a perfectly feasible route, but the Sea to Sea Trail description contains an alternate that has not been explored or mapped by me.

If you want printed copies of these maps, Kinko's copy centers in San Diego can make very good copies for approximately one dollar each, plus tax. Download the .jpg or .gif files and write them to DOS/Windows floppy diskettes (or other suitable media -- check with Kinko's). Take the floppies to Kinko's. AOL users should be careful to save the files in either JPEG, GIF or bitmap format, since some versions of AOL will otherwise save the files in ART format, which Kinko's cannot handle.

Provided as a public service by Philip J. Erdelsky. Please e-mail any comments and corrections to

(7.5-minute USGS Quadrangles scanned at 200 dots per inch)

Scanned topographic maps for San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside Counties (without trail markings) are available on CD-ROM by request. These are public domain images in GIF format with no restrictions on use. They were downloaded from a California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL) FTP site, cleaned up slightly, and saved in GIF format. E-mail the Webmaster for details.