Audrey Elizabeth Erdelsky 1909-1984

née Audrey Elizabeth Sullivan

by Philip John Erdelsky, her son

Most of the this summary is being written from memory. Some of the dates are only approximate. Details will be added as they become available.

Audrey Elizabeth Sullivan was born in Framingham, Massachusetts. Her father, Joseph Sullivan, had immigrated from New Brunswick, Canada. Her mother (née Audrey Welsh) was a natural-born citizen who lost her citizenship by marrying a Canadian man, according to the law in effect at the time. Both of them had to go through a naturalization ceremony to become U.S. citizens.

She graduated from New York University during the Great Depression, and remained unemployed for a significant time.

She majored in English and minored in Chemistry, although she often stated in later years that she probably should have studied law or psychology.

In 1939 she married Uros Emil Joseph Erdelsky. For that time on, she generally used her maiden name as a middle name, signing her name "Audrey S. Erdelsky". See his web page for more information.

She died in 1984, after a number of years of deteriorating health.

Audrey Elizabeth Erdelsky September 16, 1966

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