California Highway 371

January 22, 2006 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

California Highway 371 begins at a junction with California Highway 79 in Aguanga and runs about 20 miles northeast through the Anza Valley (see photograph) to a junction with California Highway 74, the Pines to Palms Highway. It lies entirely in Riverside County.

The junction of California Highways 78 and 371 in Aguanga used to be somewhat confusing. The alignment of roads suggested that Highway 79 was the main highway and Highway 371 was a side road. However, the placement of stop signs suggested that Highway 371 and the northern part of Highway 79 were the main highway and the southern part of Highway 79 was a side road. Not surprisingly, the junction had more than the usual number of warning signs. See photograph. Then the traffic engineers at Caltrans came to their senses, and the junction is now a standard T intersection with three-way stop signs. See photograph.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on California Highway 371.

miles from south end left (for northbound traveler) control right (for northbound traveler) remarks
0.0California Highway 79 NORTH California Highway 79 SOUTHBeginning of California Highway 371
3.7Wilson Valley Rd   
6.2Lakeshore Blvd Bradford Rd 
7.3Lake Riverside Dr   
10.6  Cahuilla Creek Casino 
11.1Cary Rd Cary Rd 
12.2Howard Rd Howard Rd 
13.2Bautista Rd Bautista Rd 
14.4Bailiff Rd Mazestone Rd 
15.2Hill St   
16.2Kirby Rd Kirby Rd 
16.5  Burnt Valley Rd 
18.7   Enter San Bernardino National Forest
19.2  Burnt Valley Rd 
20.5California Highway 74 WESTstop (northbound only)California Highway 74 EASTEnd of California Highway 371