California Highway 74

November 20, 2001 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

California Highway 74 begins at an interchange with Interstate Highway 5 in the city of San Juan Capistrano, only a few blocks from the famous Mission San Juan Capistrano.

The highway runs east through a part of Cleveland National Forest and over the Elsinore Mountains. The descent into the Elsinore Valley offers a magnificent view of Lake Elsinore.

The highway continues east, running concurrently with southbound Interstate Highway 215 for 2.7 miles, and running concurrently with northbound California Highway 79 for 6.7 miles through the city of Hemet.

The highway then runs east through a part of San Bernardino National Forest and over the San Jacinto Mountains. The descent into the Coachella Valley offers a magnificent view of the city of Palm Desert.

The highway ends in the city of Palm Desert at a junction with California Highway 111.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on California Highway 74.

miles from west end left (for eastbound traveler) control right (for eastbound traveler) remarks
0.0Interstate Highway 5 NORTHinterchangeInterstate Highway 5 SOUTHbeginning of California Highway 74
0.2Rancho Viejo Rdtraffic lightRancho Viejo Rd 
0.5 traffic lightLa Novia Ave 
2.2   San Juan Creek
2.6Antonio Pkwytraffic lightLa Pata Ave 
7.5Caspars Park   
9.6 traffic lightNichols Institute 
10.4   San Juan Creek
12.7   Enter Cleveland National Forest
13.2   San Juan Bridge
16.5   Riverside County Line
18.5Upper San Juan Campground   
19.3San Juan Loop Trail 6W05   
19.6   Morrill Canyon Creek
21.7Los Pinos Camp   
22.8El Cariso Campground El Cariso Fire Station 
23.1N Main Divide Rd Killen Trail 
23.2   leave Cleveland National Forest
23.9view point, picture   
28.2California Highway 74 EAST, Grand Avethree-way stopGrand Ave 
28.8Grand Ave   
29.8Lincoln Sttraffic light  
30.1Joy Street Joy Street 
30.5Lakeshore Drivetraffic lightLakeshore Drive 
31.3Gunnerson St Strickland Ave 
32.0Collier Avefour-way stopCalifornia Highway 74 EAST, Collier Ave 
32.5California Highway 74 EAST, Central Avefour-way stopCentral Ave 
32.7Interstate Highway 15 NORTHinterchangeInterstate Highway 15 SOUTH 
32.8Dexter Avetraffic lightDexter Ave 
33.2Conard Ave Conard Ave 
36.3Meadowbrook Avetraffic lightGreenwald Ave 
36.7  River Road 
38.4Theeda St   
41.2Navajo Rdtraffic light  
41.7A Streettraffic lightA Street 
42.0 railroad grade crossing  
42.1D Streettraffic lightD Street 
42.2Perris Blvdtraffic lightPerris Blvd 
42.8Interstate Highway 215 NORTHinterchangeCalifornia Highway 74 EAST, Interstate Highway 215 SOUTH 
45.5California Highway 74 EAST, Matthews RdinterchangeBonnie Dr 
45.8Trumble Rdtraffic light  
46.9  Ethanac Rd 
47.3Palomar Rd Palomar Rd 
47.8Menifee Rdtraffic lightMenifee Rd 
48.8Briggs Rdtraffic lightBriggs Rd 
50.0Juniper Flats Rdtraffic light  
52.3 traffic lightCalifornia Highway 79 SOUTH, Winchester Rd 
54.8Warren Rdtraffic lightWarren Rd 
55.3Myers Sttraffic lightMyers St 
56.4Sanderson Avetraffic lightSanderson Ave 
56.8Kirby Sttraffic lightKirby St 
57.1Gilmore Sttraffic lightGilmore St 
57.3Lyon Avetraffic lightLyon Ave 
57.8Palm Avetraffic lightPalm Ave 
58.3Ynez St Ynez Strailroad grade crossing
58.3County Highway R3 NORTH, State Sttraffic lightCounty Highway R3 SOUTH, State St 
58.5Buena Vista Sttraffic lightBuena Vista St 
58.8Santa Fetraffic lightSanta Fe 
59.0California Highway 79 NORTH, San Jacinto Sttraffic lightSan Jacinto St 
59.3Girard Sttraffic lightGirard St 
59.6Yale Sttraffic lightYale St 
59.9Columbia Sttraffic lightColumbia St 
60.7Stanford Sttraffic lightStanford St 
60.9Meridian Sttraffic lightMeridian St 
61.4Soboba Sttraffic lightSoboba St 
62.2New Chicago Avetraffic lightNew Chicago Ave 
62.5Ramona Expwy, Mountain Avetraffic light  
62.9Fairview Avetraffic lightFairview Ave 
65.3   picture
66.0   enter San Bernardino National Forest
66.2  Cranston Station San Bernardino National Forest 
68.0   North Fork San Jacinto River
74.2   picture
74.3  South Fork Trail 2E17 
76.5McCall Park   
76.9California Highway 243 NORTHstop sign (westbound only)  
77.9   picture
78.7   Keen Camp Summit 4197 feet
80.3Apple Canyon Road   
80.6  Lake Hemet Campground 
83.3  Caltrans Keen Camp Maintenance Station 
83.7Fobes Ranch Road 6S05 (picture)   
85.0  Ramona Trail 3E26 
89.3  California Highway 371 SOUTH 
90.3   Pacific Crest Trail
95.5  Ribbonwood Dr 
98.0Pinon Dr, Pinyon Flats Campground Pinon Dr, Cactus Spring Trail 5E01picture
99.8  Cahuilla Tewanet Vista Pointleave San Bernardino National Forest
101.5Carrizo Rd   
105.0  vista point, picture 
111.5  Mesa View Dr 
113.2El Paseotraffic lightEl Paseo 
113.3California Highway 111 NORTHtraffic lightCalifornia Highway 111 SOUTHend of California Highway 74