California Highway 94

November 6, 2001 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

California Highway 94 begins in Downtown San Diego and runs east approximately 63 miles to a junction with Interstate 8 at Boulevard.

The westernmost 12.7 miles of California Highway 94 runs along the Martin Luther King Junior Freeway.

The rest of California Highway 94 is a two-lane paved road. The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks in this portion.

miles from west end left (for eastbound traveler) control right (for eastbound traveler) remarks
012.7 Via Mercado traffic light    
013.2 (new street) traffic light Jamacha Blvd, County Highway S17  
013.7   traffic light California Highway 94 EAST, Campo Rd Jamacha Rd, County Highway S17 NORTH ahead
015.1 Cougar Canyon Dr traffic light    
016.1 Steele Canyon Rd      
018.1 Lyons Valley Rd   Indian Springs Dr  
018.5 Jefferson Rd traffic light Proctor Valley Rd  
023.2 Honey Springs Rd      
023.3     Otay Lakes Rd  
023.7       Border Patrol Checkpoint
026.6       cattle guard
028.3     Marron Valley Rd  
032.8 Barrett Lake Rd     intersection called Barrett Junction
037.1     California Highway 188  
039.5 Potrero Valley Rd      
044.8       pass under railroad, photograph
047.9 (west end of unnamed road)     Pacific Crest Trail crosses highway, signed as Horse Crossing
048.4 (east end of unnamed road)   Forrest Gate Rd unnamed road appears to be old alignment of California Highway 94
050.0 Buckman Springs Rd      
050.7       railroad grade crossing
053.3 La Posta Road      
056.9       pass under railroad
059.4 Live Oak Springs Rd      
060.9 Tierra del Sol Rd   Tierra del Sol Rd  
061.9 Old Highway 80 WEST yield (eastbound only)   California Highway 94 merges with Old Highway 80
062.4 Ribbonwood Rd, California Highway 94 stop (westbound only) Jewel Valley Rd Old Highway 80 EAST ahead
063.0 Interstate 8 WEST interchange Interstate 8 EAST California Highway 94 ends, Ribbonwood Rd ahead