California Highway 98

December 20, 2001 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

California Highway 98 begins at a junction with Interstate Highway 8 near Ocotillo and runs east approximately 56 miles, passing through the city of Calexico, to a second junction with Interstate Highway 8 near the Imperial Sand Dunes.

The junction with Interstate Highway 8 at the west end of California Highway 98 is only a partial interchange. There are ramps only

The other junction at the east end of California Highway 98 is a complete interchange, and there is also a connection with Evan Hewes Highway (also called Evan Hewes Road), which runs close to Interstate Highway 8 and north of it in this area.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on California Highway 98:

miles from west end left (for eastbound traveler) control right (for eastbound traveler) remarks
0.0Interstate Highway 8 EASTpartial interchange beginning of California Highway 98, photograph
1.5Imperial County Highway S2 NORTH, Imperial Hwy   
2.9Clark Lane Clark Lane 
7.4  Coyote 1 
9.3  Coyote 2 
9.8Anza Trail Rd   
11.6   Sunrise Butte north of highway, photograph
19.5   leave Yuha Desert
21.8   Westside Main Canal
21.9Imperial County Highway S29 NORTH, Drew Rd   
22.8Pulliam Rd Pulliam Rdalso spelled Pullian or Pullman
23.8Imperial County Highway S30 NORTH, Brockman Rd Brockman Rd 
26.8Ferrell Rd Ferrell Rd 
29.3   New River
29.9Imperial County Highway S31 NORTH, Dogwood Rd   
30.7D. Navarro Avefour-way stopD. Navarro Ave 
30.9Kloke Rdtraffic lightKloke Rd 
31.2Eady Avetraffic lightEady Ave 
31.5   railroad grade crossing
31.7Ollie Avetraffic lightOllie Ave 
31.9California Highway 111 NORTH, Imperial Avetraffic lightCalifornia Highway 111 SOUTH, Imperial Ave 
32.5 traffic lightEncinas Ave 
32.8Meadows Rdfour-way stopAndrade Ave 
34.0Bowker Rd Bowker Rd 
34.4   Central Main Canal
36.2Barbara Worth Rd Barbara Worth Rd 
37.2Anderholt Rd Anderholt Rd 
39.2 traffic lightCalifornia Highway 7 SOUTH 
39.4   Alamo River
39.6Keffer Rd   
41.6Bonds Corner Rd   
43.2Imperial County Highway S33 NORTH, Bonesteele Rd   
44.8   East Highline Canal
45.3Holdridge Rd   
48.8  All American Canal Hydro-Electric Drop 4 
54.1  All American Canal Hydro-Electric Drop 3, Tamaris 
56.2Interstate Highway 8interchangeInterstate Highway 8end of California Highway 98, photograph