County Highway R3

August 3, 2002 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

Riverside County Highway R3 begins at an intersection with California Highway 79 between Temecula and Aguanga and runs north through Hemet and San Jacinto to another intersection with California Highway 79.

The portion in Hemet and San Jacinto is not marked by county highway signs, making it a bit uncertain where County Highway R3 really ends. However, for most highway users, an ending at the intersection with California Highway 79 is the most obvious and convenient.

The portion of County Highway R3 south of Wilson Valley Road was repaved in the first half of 2002, leaving some parts of the highway temporarily unpaved. However, the repaving is now finished.


The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on County Highway R3.

miles from south end left (for northbound traveler) control right (for northbound traveler) remarks
0.0California Highway 79 NORTH California Highway 79 SOUTHCounty Highway R3 begins
5.1  Wilson Valley Rd 
7.9  Stanley Rd 
10.0East Benton Rd East Benton Rd 
12.2  Red Mountain Rd 
14.9  Minto Way 
16.5County Highway R3 NORTH, Cactus Valley Rdfour-way stopCactus Valley Rd 
17.8  County Highway R3 NORTH, State St 
19.9Domenigoni Pkwytraffic lightGibbel Rd 
21.4Thornton Avefour-way stopThornton Ave 
21.7Stetson Avetraffic lightStetson Ave 
21.9Johnston Avefour-way stopJohnston Ave 
22.1Whittier Avefour-way stopWhittier Ave 
22.5Central Avefour-way stopCentral Ave 
22.6Acacia Avetraffic lightAcacia Ave 
22.9California Highway 74 WEST, Florida Avetraffic lightCalifornia Highway 74 EAST, Florida Ave 
23.0   railroad grade crossing
23.0Latham Avetraffic lightLatham Ave 
23.1Devonshire Avefour-way stopDevonshire Ave 
23.4Oakland Avetraffic lightOakland Ave 
23.6Menlo Avetraffic lightMenlo Ave 
23.9Fruitvale Avefour-way stopFruitvale Ave 
24.6Esplanade Avetraffic lightEsplanade Ave 
25.17th Sttraffic light7th St 
25.6Cottonwood Avetraffic lightBrinton St 
26.1Ramona Blvdtraffic lightCalifornia Highway 79 SOUTH, Ramona BlvdCalifornia Highway 79 NORTH, N State St straight ahead, County Highway R3 apparently ends