County Highway S6

January 9, 2003 - Philip J. Erdelsky, pje@efgh.com

County Highway S6 begins at the intersection of Via De La Valle and Highway 101 in Solana Beach, just northwest of the Del Mar Racetrack. It runs east and north for over fifty miles, passing through Escondido and Valley Center. It then climbs the south side of Mount Palomar and turns west near the summit, coming to an end at the visitors' parking lot for Palomar Observatory. It gains almost exactly one mile in altitude and passes through some of the most scenic parts of San Diego County.

County Highway S6 has mile markers every mile, or in some cases every half-mile, in rural areas. The markers show mileages quite close to those in the table below.

The following table lists the major intersections and landmarks on County Highway S6:

miles from west end left (for eastbound traveler) control right (for eastbound traveler) remarks
0.0Highway 101traffic lightHighway 101County Highway S6 begins
0.7Valley Avetraffic lightJimmy Durante Blvd 
0.9Interstate 5 NORTHinterchange, traffic lightsInterstate 5 SOUTH 
1.2San Andres Drtraffic lightSan Andres Dr 
2.3 traffic lightEl Camino Real 
2.5El Camino Realtraffic light  
3.7  Cancha De Golf 
4.8Calzada Del Bosquetraffic lightCalzada Del Bosque 
5.6  Via De Santa Fe 
5.7Via De Santa Fe   
6.2County Highway S8 WEST, Paseo Delicias4-way stopCounty Highway S6 EAST, Paseo Delicias 
6.9El Montevideo4-way stopLa Valle Plateada 
7.5El Camino Del Norte   
8.8 traffic lightBing Crosby Blvd 
9.1Calle Ambientetraffic light  
11.0  Lake Hodges Dam (see photograph) 
12.4  Rancho Drive 
12.5Mount Israel Rd   
14.0  Date Lane 
14.5 traffic lightVia Rancho Pkwy 
15.1Citracado Pkwytraffic lightCitracado Pkwy 
15.9Eleventh Avetraffic lightEleventh Ave 
16.1Ninth Avetraffic lightNinth Ave 
16.3Auto Park Waytraffic lightAuto Park Way 
16.6Interstate 15 NORTHinterchange, traffic lightsInterstate 15 SOUTH 
16.8Tulip Sttraffic lightseparate from westbound County Highway S6 
17.1 railroad grade crossing  
17.2Quince Sttraffic lightQuince St 
17.4Centre City Pkwytraffic lightCentre City Pkwy 
17.5Escondido Blvdtraffic lightEscondido Blvd 
17.7Broadwaytraffic lightBroadway 
18.1Grand Avetraffic lightGrand Ave 
18.2Hickory Sttraffic light  
18.4Fig Sttraffic lightFig St 
18.8California Highway 78 WEST, Ash Sttraffic lightCalifornia Highway 78 EAST, Ash St 
19.0Harding Sttraffic lightHarding St 
19.3Rose Sttraffic lightRose St 
19.8Midway Drtraffic lightMidway Dr 
20.3Citrus Avetraffic lightCitrus Ave 
20.8  Bear Valley Pkwy 
21.2Washington Avetraffic lightHidden Trails Rd 
22.0 traffic lightLake Wohlford Rd 
25.5  Woods Valley Rd 
26.7Lilac Rdtraffic light  
27.5Miller Rd   
28.0Cole Grade Rdtraffic light  
31.0Thundernut Lane N Lake Wohlford Rd 
32.5 cattle guard  
34.1   San Luis Rey River
34.3Harrah's Casino and Resorttraffic light  
35.6 cattle guard  
35.9California Highway 76 WESTstop (eastbound only)County Highway S6 EAST, California Highway 76 EAST 
40.9County Highway S6 EAST, South Grade Roadyield (westbound only)Calle El Potrero 
41.3 cattle guard  
41.7 cattle guard  
42.9 cattle guard  
47.8County Highway S6 EAST, County Highway S7 WEST, Canfield Rdyield (eastbound only)County Highway S7 WEST, East Grade Rd 
47.9County Highway S7, State Park Rd   
49.3 cattle guard  
50.2  Observatory Campground 
50.4Fry Creek Campground   
51.4 cattle guard  
52.3   County Highway S6 ends (see photograph)

NOTE: Between Tulip St. and Hickory St. in Escondido, County Highway S6 splits into two parts. Eastbound County Highway S6 runs along Grand Ave., 2nd Ave. and S. Valley Blvd., while westbound County Highway S6 stays on Valley Pkwy.