Constantine Joseph Erdelsky 1870-1942

by Philip John Erdelsky, his grandson

Constantine Joseph Erdelsky (1870-1942), the eldest son of Konstantine Joseph Mihaly Erdelsky, migrated from Slovakia to the United States in 1901. He is the direct ancestor of all Erdelskys currently living in the United States.

According to records maintained by the Ellis Island Foundation, he set sail from Antwerp, Belgium on the ship Kensington and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on August 7, 1901. His name is spelled "Konstantin Erdalzky", and he is listed as a former resident of Vagujhely, Hungary.

After arriving in the United States, he married Albeta (Elizabeth) Grecsny (1884-1981), another immigrant from Slovakia.

They lived in New York City at first, and later moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

They had three sons: